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Re: ineffective technique from sensei?

David Santana wrote: View Post
.... but 95% at the time he was teaching class, he always teaches henka waza. I have no problem in learning something new, but the problem is when I think some of his henka waza isn't effective. ..
Think about what's he's teaching for a second ...Henkawaza! If the 1st technique he applies is 100% effective, he has no reason to switch to another technique, it's over at that point. So maybe he's intentionally doing a technique sloppy & loose so that it fails, which necessitates switching to another technique! The real point of Henkawaza has more to do with the TRANSITION from one technique to another rather than the effectiveness of a particular technique! ...Food for thought!

I used to think my sensei's techniques were soft & ineffective, but once I got to shodan that all changed. Once I reached that point in my training he started beating me to a pulp! I totally misinterpreted his light techniques as he being weak, when in fact, I was the weak one. Once I reached to a certain skill level, where I could take really powerful technique, he ramped it up! ...more food for thought!

...just my 2 cents worth!

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