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Re: Internal (Hunyuan) Strength from a Yi Chuan Perspective

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Yet most people with any real knowledge of CMA's have seen the references to "jin" (specialized/learned force path through the body) and, as a common example, Taiji very clearly talks about the jin that starts in the feet (from the ground) is controlled by the waist and is expressed in the fingers.
you're very selective in which parts of my posts you choose to focus and / or comment on. very duplicitous of you mike. my caveat of "unless you have a background" was very explicit.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Yin-yang is very vague.
depends on the context. if you want to know more about how we use the term you can find out all about it here, complete with full color illustrations. or better yet, we're having our Spring workshop here in Phoenix in April. You could come on down.

but referring back to the OP where CF talks about directing force in multiple directions vs. force in only one direction, is something that we would put under the balance of tai chi (i.e. balance of yin/yang), although what i was specifically referring to in the clip posted was the state of his sternum which he held very open throughout most of the clip, and is different than the general posture we try to maintain.

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