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When do you know you are good at ukemi?

Some guys I see just come off the mat and go up, over, and down effortlessly while my fat ass is still doing rolls in lieu of breakfalls (after about 1yr training). I can do breakfalls but I have to prepare and tell nage what I plan to do. I can't just 'flow with it' like some other ukes. How long does it take to be 'goooooood' if you know what I mean?

also, what's the hardest ukemi to take? i saw a movie on some aikido site where uke strikes, nage enters and picks up uke and lifts him over his head - it looked like a human capital 'T' and then uke comes down and lands on his side. damn, a breakfall from six feet whoa. i wonder if it hurt the first time he did it
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