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Mike Sigman
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Re: atemi is 90% of Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote:
I think connections between zen and the martial arts in japan are often overstated
I agree.
(About "Koans" in Aikido)I suppose literary license could be used to 'borrow' the term, couldn't it?
Suits me. I don't think a literary allusion changes the facts about what I said, though. If there are specified "koans" in Aikido, I'm happy to view them and concede my error. The problem with these vague usages of esoteric terms is that they are often presented, without caveat, as fact. That was the gist of my comment. I.e., it's my opinion, just as George has his.
(About many years of experience being the raison d'etre for the suggestion of "koans")Maybe its just me, but I didn't see that being the thrust of anyone's arguement.
The idea of "years of experience providing the clue to mysteries" wasn't contributed by me to the discussion, though, thrust or not.


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