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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Much like Gary, I've said before. I am good with Graham doing whatever Graham wants to do. Based on our conversations, we don't have much common ground hence why I don't engage too much with him here. Not a big deal.
Kevin, I was on the road earlier and answered rather hurriedly. I think I side tracked a bit in adding my approach to teaching kids. That is another discussion I would love to have some day.

I, too, am good with Graham being responsible for his own path. I have two presuppositions in coming to this forum after a 3 year hiatus. I mentioned them in other threads but not in a systematic way. So here they are:

1. Things that have substance, need no defense.
2. I choose to focus upon irenics ( what we have in common) rather than polemics (what we
appear to or actually disagree upon). Engaging in hot topic polemics in an Internet forum seems
to generate more heat than light. Belly to belly, folks sort such stuff out much better and often
laugh and share a brewsky afterwards. Those who choose not to go face to face, well, they
choose their own forms of isolation.
I am very grateful for our discussions in 2008-9. I am grateful for Robert Johns and Dan Harden's
communications back then. They caused me to test my current skills against all comers at the
Arnold Challenge. The photo I am using as an Avatar is from that time.
The guy who got uprooted and pushed out if the ring is Timothy Hwang. This photo was taken the
day before the event. I was fortunate a photographer was present. Tim is a pretty solid player in
extreme push hands.
Perhaps I needed to know for myself if I still had what it takes to play against national class guys
in a Freeform competitive venue. My illusion completed, I now enjoy just training until.....



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