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Chris Parkerson
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Ha, ha, enlightenment!

There's one thing I can say about you Joe and that is that you definitely do Aikido. With all those spanners I bet you've been into a great array of nuts and bolts of Aikido in your time. With a few extra spanners for those stubborn nuts.

Peace. G.
Wow! Can aikido be done without a mobilizable body?
I love it. New thread perhaps?

My Yanagi teacher used the strategy of his art both in the courtroom and in all human negotiations. A Real llive Yoda, he is.

And we taught work tasks using the body mechanics skills from the internal martial arts to government agencies, universities, and corporations. And as our bodies become limited, using what we have efficiently to accomplish the same result was a great creative project in Aiki. All of this, to me, was
doing Aiki.

: )