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My written description in the original post was about how the stillness of the woods reminded me of a particular exercise that I do. It is an awareness and perception exercise, not to be confused with real attacks.

Here is the exercise: Uke grabs both nage's wrists and holds with no agenda...just holds. Nage, by paying attention to their own center and the center of the connection between uke and nage can tell what way uke is moving and move in that direction themselves. If nage feels any of uke's resistance it is because nage has moved in a direction that uke is not moving in. Even though uke seems to be still, a direction can be perceived by nage if nage is patient and attentive.

Doing this excercise with the intention of developing a strong centered feeling creates a peacefulness in me that reminds me of the stillness of the snowy woods.
I am good with this. Do you have an exercise that works from your side as nage....moving without uke perceiving the movement, moving with intention like water around the grab?
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