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Re: An interesting relationship

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Hi Shaun,
First, what are the 3 critical areas?

Only because it came up in another thread I felt that a hint would be welcome. Read the following post and ask yourself the same basic questions that Mr. Holliop asks himself. They are interesting questions, one that deserve answers. The funny thing is that depending on who you ask you will receive a very different story, most of which would be only slightly on the mark. It is so aptly quoted in a Pink Floyd song, "It's a battle of words, and most of them are lies..." Of course in this case, I wouldn't call them lies, but rather it is simply that people aren't really looking for the answer because when they find the answer it will:
  1. invalidate their current training methods
  2. invalidate their current teacher's training methods
  3. invalidate their current teacher/dojo/organization...
  4. require them to reprioritize their own training
  5. require them to reevaluate their own potential/limitations/abilities/talent/understanding... err, credentials???
    and most importantly
  6. require them to start from scratch

O-Sensei did in fact designate specific essentials as core to his Aikido. He also set up a way (path, michibiku) for students to both locate and train in these essentials after he was gone. He left absolutely clear markers to locate them and designated specific teachers under whose direction these skill sets could be trained. The information is clearly out there and has been all along.

The conversation of late as to Internals being discussed in that thread is only one area to be studied. I pointed out that things were missing from Aikido years ago on these very pages. My views were "put aside" at that time. No worries... I am sure I will find it very ironic when the next round of "Aikido needs X or it isn't Aikido" comes about. Once again some future group of outsides will come across one of these markers in their own training. They will point out that no one in Aikido is making X a point of their training and how people within Aikido need to go through "them" to rediscover it. I am sure their opinions will be put aside for a while, status quo, and all that. At some point, however, Aikidoka, themselves will realize something is missing from their training. They will look to their seniors, their teachers and to their organization and wonder, "Where are these things?" and even eventually ask themselves, "Why hath Aikido forsaken me?" as has recently occurred, and will possibly look outside of Aikido to find their answers. This is not a bad thing necessarily, as it is always good to look around and not keep one's head in the sand. However it does do Aikido and O-Sensei a great disservice, because the efforts he made to allow for the dissemination of his art are being ignored.

The core essentials of O-Sensei's art have always been there, are not kept secret, are trained in every day at dojos around the world. They are most certainly part and parcel in understanding, practicing, applying and living a life of Aiki. In some respects, I look forward to the day when I can speak openly about these things. However certain things will have to take place that I am not looking forward to, but that is the circle within which we all must exist. In any case, I am sure that regardless of what I say or when I say it, there are those who already understand, there will be those who will understand, there will be those who will not be able to understand, and those who do not want to understand. In other words, nothing will really change much, if at all.

Best in training to all...


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