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Re: Need Help Mentally Focusing on Lessons

First off, are you even sure you are truly interested in aikido? Because if you aren't, then that could be the root of your problem. If you don't feel like going, go anyway. Once you are there, you will feel a little better. The more you train, the more focus you will probably gain. Speaking as someone who has worked with someone with no focus, it is very frustrating! She is a higher ranker then me and whenever I partner up with her, she asks me "What are we doing again?" and then I have to show her what to do so I can attack her first. Annoying.

If your sensei shows you a technique several times before you all partner up, look at something different each time: watch over all, watch what stance they start in & how they end up, watch how to attack and take proper ukemi, watch for proper technique, etc. If you are constantly focusing on something else, this may help you. That way you aren't just focusing on one thing the whole time & allowing your mind to wander.

You could do this with a partner too. Each time you do or receieve a technique, check something: Balance, extension, technique, ukemi, etc. This will keep you thinking about the topic at hand, but will also allow you to "wander" in your mind about different things.

Good luck. I think all new beginners minds wander. I know mine does (I am a new to aikido as well) and as Lynn mentioned, once I realize it, I bring my focus back to whatever is being done. Realizing you aren't focusing is actually a good first step.

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