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Keep One Point, Explained.

Following my last post I will now share with you some specifics regarding 'one point' according to me.

I will explain it from all different angles. From simple mechanics, from a spiritual view, from a mental view and from an action view and in life view.

So first lets start from centre. One point is not centre. That's the first misunderstanding to clear up. We create a point at centre and use it as if using centre when first learning about one point.

Thus we practice keeping the creation of a point at centre whilst doing technique. We find when our attention or mind goes elsewhere and thus we stop creating the point in the here and now that the technique fails. That is standard basic practice. We find when doing such that ki flows outwards better and when we 'lose' one point then ki flow stops. All this because of a created point aligned with centre.

This leads the mind to many questions but at first they are irrelevant for the fact of just a point having so much difference in both the inner feeling and outer expression and efficacy is fascinating enough to get along with.

Due to the continued disciplined practice of this we notice ki extends more, attention goes out more, awareness of around you increases whilst in action. We notice the body relaxes more and gets enlivened and thus experiences the difference between ki flowing through it compared to what we were previously used to. Then we notice we are more aware of the effect of gravityas if harmonizing with gravity itself and thus develops weight underside.

All because of one point.

The Mind:
Mentally what is happening? Well when you create a point and keep it it stills the mind. Thus you become aware of stillness but more importantly you rule out 'thinking' and other mental phenomena and distractions. One point handles the mind. By stilling the mind you can then allow ki to flow from centre undisturbed or interfered with.

What's happening spiritually? Well spiritually you are creating the point which stills the mind. Spiritually you are thus extending through the mental clouds and revealing or opening up to your innate kindness. The first step of bringing heaven to earth.

Mechanics and physics:
What is happening for real? Well in reality we have to visit the world of energy motion and physics to understand. To understand what happens when you hold a point with specific attributes stable so we visit basic physics from the view of electrical flow. Very basic.

For electricity to flow you get two terminals, two stable points. They thus have space between them and actually a stable base too. With no stable base or with no space between the terminals or indeed if the terminals are not kept still then there is no flow.

So now to the interesting bit. Ki flows out to the universe from one point all well and good but ki flows to one point from centre. So here are the two stable points....centre and one point.

Now as previously stated in past communications I said one point is created and in fact as taught outside of the body by centre. Thus the space. I have also pointed out how it is therefor movable, you can create a point anywhere for ki to flow to but you must create it stabley or else no flow.

These are the basic mechanics.

So later in training we get more comfortable putting one point at a certain location and thus having our ki flow to that location, now of course being more aware of centre. Centre is always centre by the way and as such always at that fixed location.

So, before you think this is going awol let me introduce you to when you actually do this in life and indeed when you do this in martial arts for those of you who practice part of this principle under a different name and so would be unaware it's actually a facet of one point which they are practicing.

In life where do you put, create stable points which your energy and indeed thereafter your actions and motions flow towards? Well, when you set a firm target to be achieved. That is a stable point. A goal, a firm decision. All stable points.

In martial arts or internals you use and develop a certain thing which you all agree, well those who do it anyway, is useful or intrinsic or even vital and that is intention. When you intend something you are creating a stable point which thus creates the flow. Simple. You are using the principle of one point and experiencing the mechanics of so doing.

Thus intention stills the mind for it is creating a point.

A good intention stills the universe.

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