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keep One Point

Just read on another thread talk about Tohei and one point. So I thought hey, why not? So this thread is just to explore 1)what people actually got from that principle
2) What methology they were given regards to it.
3) What information they were taught about it.
4) What effect it actually had on their performance.
5) Plus any other useful attributes as a result of that particular discipline.

Now along with this I must say that o.k. there are four principles in mind and body co-ordination in that methology but each could be talked about in the same way, separately, as to their particular benefits and this is about one point.

Secondly it erks me no end that Tohei is always equated with those four almost exclusively to the exclusion of his numerous other sets of principles but mainly to the exclusion of his five principles of Aikido. These five plus the previous four had to be in unison in the action of Aikido but maybe that's even in itself another topic.

So it will be interesting to see what actually did or do people learn from it or get taught about it.

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