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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Ting Piao wrote: View Post
Thanks Greg! I thought that was the exact definition of the word "sensei".

Sorry, I'm confused here. Here you said "Tohei ... teaches ki development...Dan...teaching body conditioning for the development of internal strength ... Dan does not really teach its(Ki) development". So I guess here you meant "ki" is NOT the same thing as "internal strength", they are two different things, right? If yes, what are the definitions of "Ki" and "internal strength"?

Since I've never been to Mr Harden's seminars, could you please talk a little more details about the definition of "step"?

Do you mean it's the application of Ki to build our bodies?

Mr. Mike Sigman wrote a blog "Baseline Parameters for Internal Strength", is it the same "I/S" that you talked about?

Some years ago Ikeda sensei's students wrote a book "Center: The Power of Aikido" and they called Ikeda sensei's training methodology the "Second Level Training(SLT)", is this the same thing as the "next step" you talked about?

Sorry for so many questions, I'm trying to figure out what we're talking about here. Please feel free to PM me if it's not convenient to talk about it in the thread. I appreciate to discuss Aiki(do) with you.


P.S. I wish I can get a chance to attend some IS seminars in the future to experience it myself.
Hi Ting,

Thanks for the thoughtful reply - I am kinda in the middle of something right now and will get back to you a little later with detailed answers and comments to your post.


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