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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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I wasn't in Japan in The 1970's (I was busy being born ). However, there is ample filmed and photographed footage of Horikawa performing Aiki techniques in schools, community centers etc all around Hokkaido throughout the late 60's/70's. He even appeared on TV!

Dunno what the situation in Tokyo was then, but DR in Hokkaido has been sorely overlooked IMHO.
Hello Oisin
True enough. We might consider what schools of any type cared or wanted their art to be known; either outside of their district, or outside of Japan, much less in any printed medium- by choice.
I remember Stan talking of making introductions, planning, making the trip up to Hokkaido and being turned away, other times not getting much by way of forth coming answers. It's not all negative, its just a choice. I know of one teacher who was furious that a discussion with Stan turned into an interview, he didn't want to be known or quoted at all. So it goes.

In any event, Ellis pointed out clearly that the possibility existed for two different experiences dependant on where you were, and when.