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Re: O sensei and 'correct ukemi'

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Why not just take the clue that the repeated diminishment of Ueshiba and the selling of Takeda is unnecessary, particularly in light of the regularity you and your followers bring it up? Enough said? Why not just make technical points based on your own understanding and leave statements about other people out of the discussions?
Mike Sigman
Interesting reply.
I think your replies in this thread alone demonstrate what I am talking about.
Where does misquoting me, misquoting others by intent and trying to make it inflammatory, diminishing people and casting aspersions on them and reading in all manner of ugly innuendo add up to positive and condusive communication or any attempt at trying? Case in point:
No one is diminishing Ueshiba anywhere and several examples were cited. You created that in your own head and run with it. Mark has done more in posting links to prove the skills being demonstrated by Ueshiba than anyone in recent memory and then defended t
I never said how special -I- was and instead pointed out clearly that no one will agree on what aiki is. Here it is again if it helps you to read and think instead of "reading-in" all manner of negative personal attributes wherever you can invent them.
You ...are telling me...what aiki is in the traditional Japanese sense? That's interesting.
Define it____________________.
I'll bet good money that you can't. Not that I am being adversarial, that's not it at all. It's just that neither you- nor anyone else- is ever going to get people in the traditional arts --particularly in DR- to agree on what aiki is."

I think my intent is clear-so is your's.

Sorry that I have not satisfied you when I have refused to answer your questions about how to's and what I know during your many fishing expeditions for information. I never found a need to. I am content to that you occasionally correct your erroneous assumptions about what you thought -you-knew about various Japanese arts. Why not take your own advice save everyone some trouble. Instead of misquoting others and being nasty- stick to the subject. You might once again learn something that you didn't know