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Re: Another harassment question

OFT for a moment. Then back on topic.


umm...what where the women's excuses back then? When I was a part of a women's self defense class the interest was low and not many women where interested. It was headed by a women and flopped. Not because of the quality of the class or the instructor, but because of lack of participation. When polled many women didn't feel the need or have the interest in the activity. If you offered women two things for free a self defense class or a free classes to the currently hottest gym exercise class for women like Zumba or Pliates, what do you think most women would choose? What do you think most women would choose a free all women Aikido class or a Pliates class (of course a male or two in it)?

I think we really need to move on to the issues of does a unhappy student has the right to change the dojo if he or she is unhappy with the sensei and how the sensei runs things. Can students mutany?