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Re: Another harassment question

Joe McParland wrote: View Post
... something goes awry here ...

Perhaps we should treat Buck's assertion as axiomatic, presume that he sees the issue clearly, and not challenge him. Does he not deserve that respect?

Perhaps we should treat Mary's assertion as axiomatic, presume that she sees the issue clearly, and not challenge her. Does she not deserve that respect?

Twisting the logic at best?

[Offered with respect.]
Joe -

Tom28, being the only person presently posting on this thread who actually witnessed the incident(s), has provided a framework for discussion. His description of the events comprises the framework. If we're going to have any discussion regarding the (Buck please note) behavior being described and its consequences then we must do so within the framework as presented. Tom28's original post is kind of a meta-post in that it is the seed from which the discussion grows. It follows, therefore, that all posts subsequent to the original post are not part of the set of axioms, do not have to accepted at face value and questioning of or rejecting of does not constitute any actual or implied lack of respect for the poster.