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Re: Another harassment question

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
One poster calls for similar harassment laws in the dojo you see in the work place...
Can you point out a reason or two why what constitutes acceptable behavior regarding sexual harassment should be less rigorous in an Aikido dojo than in the workplace?

By the way Buck, from what I have read of the posts in this thread Tom28's description of events is being accepted as accurate axiomatically in order to facilitate a discussion of the specific behavior being described. The fact that real people may or may not be involved is irrelevant.

What I find most troubling however is your contention that because times have supposedly changed (we'll ignore the treatment of women in the middle east just to keep the playing field level), that it's somehow ok for someone in a position of authority to single out a person of a specific gender and treat her/him with less respect than they would the rest of the group. Using the fact that the person so treated is always free to leave the group to justify the behavior and basically ignore the one instituting the behavior is twisting the logic at best.