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Re: High level power abuse

Thanks Mindy,
It's really not about whether the teacher accepts rejection or not. I don't think it really matters one way or another, after all the Sensei rules the "roost". What matters is how he rules the "roost" and how he conducts himself as the "pseudo god" of his own universe. No offense to Sensei's in general, there are some very honorable teachers out there. Remember the very first day that you walked in to your Dojo, were you not awestruck? I was and have seen the same response from new students time and time again.
This is about the vulnerability of a student who admires and in some cases idolizes the teacher. If the Sensei does not maintain the teacher/student boundry, the lines of propriety are broken and so is the trust.
For the record, I did have a very bad experience...I would never wish it on anyone. Thankfully, it did not deter me from my practice. For some though, they may never step foot in a dojo again.

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