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hand made hakama

My wife and I had two hakama made locally by a seamstress for our wedding.... Yes, it was a "different" kind of ceremony.
We found a Japanese "folk"pattern at a local fabric store, and purchased a high quality white cotton denim for the material.
We were able to use white for the wedding, and then dye them later to a dark blue for aikido.

The cut wasn't quite the same, as it wasn't a pattern for martial arts, so we had to work with the seamstress to make some adjustments, but the outcome was worth it, as they looked nice for the wedding and the heavy material will last for years on the mat.

I'm very interested in trying the budo bear out for my 2 year old neice's christmas present. My brother and sister-in-law both train in Aikido as well, so that would be fun.


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