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Re: Aikido, the Hippie Martial Art

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Got a mouse in your pocket?

I already asked myself that. My conclusion is that it's most likely a case of dismissive labeling. Beyond that, I don't feel the need to analyze it, and certainly not navel-gaze about it. Dismissive labels are not based on true knowledge and thoughtful analysis, and they don't shine any light on any subject. Devoting brain cycles to tossoff remarks as if they were thoughtful, meaningful insight strikes me as a waste of time.
I am taking "Got a mouse in your pocket?" to mean "is there something more you'd like to say?"

I think aikido has friends in other arts. Friends who see value in aikido, but are genuinely confused by the lack of...competency in the martial application of technique and the population that has come to accept that fact. I think these friends start communications with humor and needling, but are actually saying, "no, seriously, why do you guys let your own student demean your art?" I think we have the opportunity to open that dialogue and explain the "misconceptions" about aikido; or, we can just dismiss their inquiry.

We are ever bit as prejudiced against other martial arts as they are against us. Heaven forbid we should devoid brain cycles to trying to understand other people.

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