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Nicholas Eschenbruch
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Re: Marc Abrams Sensei- Durango, Co: 7/9-7/11/10

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

A conflict is simply a form of communication between two or more people. The attacker is providing us with an opportunity to connect to and "listen" to that person. If we can free ourselves of our own fears, anger, ...., we can "listen" well enough to know what to do to stop the conflict. Learning to connect in a positive manner allows us to listen, while not providing the "feedback" that the attacker is looking for. An easy way to summarize it would be to say that the uke chooses the technique, not the nage.

I think that is what Michael was referring to. Please feel free to continue this dialogue.


Marc Abrams
Hi Marc,
thanks for the explanation and great to know that other lineages on the other side of the planet work on similar things as well. While I cannot speak for him and he would probably use different terminology, I take very similar messages from training I did with Patrick Cassidy in the last couple of years.

Specifically, I was wondering whether "scarcity mentality centred" and "agenda-based" would provide me with an additional perspective on stuff I sometimes do, if you have time to explain.


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