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Re: Who's missing out?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Modern advertising is all over the place. There is no congruent, fixed "thing" labelled "modern advertising". So again, please detail out what you mean in relation to "a lot of what's being talked about Aikido or Aiki wise has degraded into advertising". You stated "a lot". Please show us the threads, posts, people who are doing all this degrading into advertising.

Really? Let's quote your words, "Minds led this way and that way by the fear of missing out, shame really. As I see it it's just unnecessary fodder for the insecure." You just denigrated people by calling some people insecure because of the fear of missing out. Instead of addressing a topic, you addressed people's personalities, calling them insecure, attacking their character.

Yes, back to topic. You stated that people are degrading because they are talking about advertising or promoting aikido in an unhealthy manner. So, please give us the threads, posts, people where this is happening. If you can't, then please apologize to the aikido community for your denigrating them into insecure salespeople who are driven by fear. If you won't, then perhaps Jun can lock and/or delete this thread as I see no real purpose for it except to continue your passive aggressive attacks.
You are right, modern advertising is all over the place.

Does truth denigrate people? Modern advertising does prey on peoples fears and insecurity. You act like you don't know this.

That is the topic. Thus presenting something in a way that says this is superior, you need this, you're missing out if you don't have this correlates quite snugly with advertising.

If you believe that's normal and right then just say that you agree with that way of presenting things.

It is not people or personalities of which I speak it is of presentation.

It is also not a matter of if anyone does this but rather a matter of when we do this.

I don't need to insult yours or anyones charachter or use words like 'you are saying this or that' for I have no beef with charachter or individual. Now and again I may challenge ideas, beliefs, presentation.

In the o/p I state quite clearly one can promote what they do and be happy with what they do and also happy with what others do.

I live by this rule, do you?

If I get caught up in some slanging match or even boast how great my Aikido is and therefor others are missing out then I am at that moment becoming like a pressure salesman. Presentation my friend. The question is not if? or who? but when?