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Re: Tadashi Abe and Kenji Tomiki and their criticism

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Chris, I'm not talking of being available here. I'm talking of being available where you are. How many aikido dojo are operating in USA?, and in Japan?, and in France? How many of them offer IP/Aiki training ater all those years of talking.

Imagine for a moment I move to a big city (LA, NYC, Paris, Tokyo) wiht lots of fine and famous Aikido dojo. What is really available regarding IP/Aiki?
Dan Harden and Mike Sigman are both in the US. Ark has visited the US. Both of them and Ark have been to Europe.

For example, in Honolulu, which is a smallish city, Dan Harden has been here a number of times and will be back in July. Mike Sigman will be here in July, Sam Chin will be here in September.

Excuses are vanishing...

There are no Shodokan (Tomiki) dojo in Honolulu, does that mean that it is an "underground" art?

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Demos, demos and more demos. Except for some rare clips of Ushiro sensei, nothing that can make an skeptic pack and move.
Plenty there if you know what you're looking at. Not much, maybe, if you don't. That's one reason why the videos that everyone demands are of such little use. Get yourself somewhere that you can get your hands on one of those guys.



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