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Re: Best karate style for aikido?

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Like I said, not many of us are fast enough to do that. I'm not sure why you think I said no-one could do it.
You said:

Jim Cooper wrote: View Post
Scoring kicks to the head are extremely rare in kumite, IME. I've certainly never managed it. Kicks to the body are also rare, except in TKD competitions where they don't bother to try and block them.I knew one guy who was very good at them, but most people are rubbish, actually :-)
Rare and most people are rubbish.
At 0:42-0:44, 2:00-2:03, 2:18-2:19, 4:34-4:35, 4:38
At 0:51

Doesn't take much youtube-fu to find quite a lot of knockout kicks to the head, let alone just kicks to the head that aren't knockouts. Same with kicks to the body. Rare? No. And I would also argue that "not many of us" or "most people" really doesn't apply either when looking within that sphere of martial arts or sports -- If all the youtube video is to be believed.

Here's a karate kumite with a kick to the head:
And they manage kicks to the body, too.
2:34 kick to the body.
4:33-4:34, was that a kick to the head?
right at the beginning, a kick to the head
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