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Chris Tan
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Like some of the replies here, I personally like the flowing motion of combination techniques and how it helps to develop the timing of my techniques. It is also a valuable tool in teaching how various techniques can flow from 1 initial technique. IMO, this is useful for building up to jiyuwaza and randori practice.

I did however hear from my instructor, that it is always better to "finish" off one's opponent with 1 technique rather than with many techniques. Reason being that you are liable to have more mistakes and openings with combination techniques. Didn't O'Sensei (or one of the shihans) say something like "Practice each technique as if were the first and last time" ?

If our techniques/selection of techniques are correctly executed, surely we would not have to flow to another technique, right? Or is it the case where we should use the principle of harmonizing with our opponent's force to move into the "correct" technique?

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