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Re: Aikido and Libido

One of the main purposes of Aikido: Ki-iku, Tai-iku, Toku-iku, Joshiki-no-Kanyo.
(Development of the Spirit, Development of the Body, Development of the Ethics, Development of Common Sense)

When developing Spirit and Body in Aikido, we develop them without reference to any particular use, but through Aikido. The Spirit and Body can be used for many things including fighting, sex, work, play, etc. So it is undoubted that if the Spirit and Body are being developed, they can be focused towards Lust and Libido as well as the practice of Aikido. This is natural.
However, if we let our Spirit or Body get in the way of our development, then we will no longer develop. If a feeling of frustration, a feeling of lust, a feeling of anger, a feeling of superiority are imbued with our Spirit and Body, then that feeling gets in the way of our further development for the feeling takes over the practice. At the same time, if the feelings are not accepted and harmonised with our activity, then we will not develop either. We must inbue our Spirit and Body with those feeling, not the other way around.
We must also consider the development of our Ethics and Common Sense. To allow behaviour other than the practice of good Aikido in the dojo is poor Ethics and poor Common Sense. So we do not act out our lust or dislike in the dojo.
Rule in my dojo. Feel what you like. Act properly in the dojo. That goes for lust, hate, dislike, love, displeasure, enjoyment. You should feel all those things in the dojo, and more. However, act appropriately. In publc, as representatives of the dojo, act appropriately. In privacy, do what you like. Kind of like smoking.

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