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Re: Dissatisfied at my Dojo

Much sympathy from me!

I know how it feels to be desperately bored and unhappy at a dojo.

Not so many months ago I switched karate instructors (same organisation), to a more senior one that I had started out with when I first joined the organistion. Before that I had moved around dojos and styles due to college etc. (I switched to junior instructor due to not having a car and my boyf only being able to make it to Sempai's later classes.)

It's the best thing I've done re: my training and I've been loads happier since!

The problem was, that he was relatively new to instructing and was sticking to syllabus pretty much the entire time. Classes were run on a project basis; if we had a tournament coming up, we'd spend months training for that tournanment; if there was a grading coming up, we'd train for that grading. We spent 2 years just going between tournament and grading with nothing else in-between, which was all a bit "meat and potatoes".

The junior instructor was also quite harsh in his criticism and we often ended up having to guess what we were doing wrong. I was also considered to be senior and was made a target of in sparring, with the instructor spurring the other student (of same grade) to give me a kicking (I went home crying once). Which was altogether annoying seeing as I was essentially a beginner again (from another style) and the others, who were all new, seemed very content with the way things were. They didn't know any different.

Luckily for me, I had aikido on the side to keep me sane and challenged! And I was in regular dialogue with the junior instructor re: class content and things did start to turn around. When I left, he asked why (he is essentially a good bloke) and I explained what I felt was missing. I've been back since, and things really have improved at that class, but I am sticking with the senior instructor (as he's totally awesome).

As for physical workout, I've never gone to a MA class for a workout specifically. I go to the gym for that.

I hope that you can draw something from this, even if it is only sympathy!

All the best.
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