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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: How One Can Run a Successful Independent Dojo

David Valadez wrote: View Post
Please let me know if you feel it more easily agreeable. If not, I'd appreciate an elaboration you can provide as to why.
I feel this way is a less broad and negative generalization about how BJJ/MMA clubs market their product. One who doesn't really match my experiences in the art of BJJ and with the people who practise it.

While I do believe that Aikido should be martial, I do not hold that an adoption or a combination or even an integration of MMA/BJJ into an Aikido paradigm is a way of meeting the two goals listed above: How to increase dojo membership while increasing that quality of transmission of the art into the future.
I agree to some point. From doctrine down to techniques there are some serious incompatibilities between BJJ and Aikido, however there are some elements in both arts that not only are compatible but IMO needed. Aikido practise needs some aliveness to avoid falling in autocomplacency and dishonesty, BJJ could benefit from focusing less in becoming a sport and develop a budo approach to things.

Both systems can be powerful technologies of the self if practised as such.
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