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Re: Looking for a dojo

There are a couple of schools in the Birmingham area that I am affiliated with. Both are talented instructors and offer karate/tae kwon do, as well as some iaido. I'm not sure, but I am fairly confident that there is at least one othe major school in 'Bama, not sure about anything else other than that. The schools are the Retsushinkan Dojo...dojo cho is Renshi Van Bushnel (I saw his yondan test in 2001, and he's been doing tae kwon do since the late 60's.) Teishinkan Dojo in Pelham, 'Bama is run by Tim Morgan...he just passed his sandan test a few weeks ago, very nice test. He is 2nd or 3rd dan in tae kwon do. Kokkishinkan dojo in Cildersburg is run by Bret Miller....nidan or higher, I don't think I've seen him in a while, not sure of his rank. These dojo are of a "harder" style of Aikikai, under former students of Toyoda Fumio Sensei, with a heavy influence of Yoshinkan, especially at Retsushinkan. Don't know how close these are to you. I've trained at Sensei Bushnel's and Sensei Morgan's, both would be great places to train.

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