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Looking for a dojo

I'm afraid that it may be a futile effort, but I am currently in search of an active Aikido dojo in the wiregrass region of Alabama. Specifically Dothan. One result came up on the dojo search, but I assume they are no longer active since the email address bounced, and the phone is disconnected. In searching this forum, I came across a couple of posts back in 2000 from a user here that is also no longer active.

I'm quite surprised that there is no Aikido in this town, as we have a fairly active MA community that encompasses many different styles. I have been part of a small Kendo group here for the past 2 years, and there are a number of different Karate dojos, as well as TKD, Gumdo, Jujitsu, and even a rumored Iai sensei that I have been unable to contact.

If anybody here knows of an active group in this area, I would love to hear from you!
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