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well since the quote you posted has pretty much nothing to do with any Buddhist teaching i ever heard i suppose you're correct.

once more- it is not about "abandoning desire" it is about recognising it as what it as and choosing then to make an informed choice whether to act on any particular desire. there is the desire for sustenance- we Must eat.there is desire for a sword, or a car, or a man,or a particular colored belt- are these things necessary for me to survive? well maybe i don't Need them, i know i Want them and well maybe i can survive perfectly well without.

And lets just be clear that i am talking about the practice for the general populace. Monastic practices are a bit more stringent to highly restricting in various schools. monks take vows of renunciation because their primary focus in this world is their Practice.They chose a life of Practice and the practice is recognising those things that distract from the practice and using that recognition as practice instead...

And i just want to repeat here at the bottom of the page that all i am saying is stuff that I have directly experienced, as i said "Buddhism As I Know It".

Theres a reason its called "practice"...


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