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Kevin Wilbanks
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Jo Adell (Qatana) wrote:
Since Kevin is the arbiter of all Truth in this site, why are we even bothering to have discussions at all.
Hey, if you can't handle a little argumentative rigor, feel free to run and hide. But if so, perhaps you should refrain from making bold, absurd claims like this:
Jo Adell (Qatana) wrote:
No Buddhist country has ever started a war.
Surely you jest. First, are you limiting the definition to wars between soveriegn states? 99% + of contemporary wars are civil wars. Now, maybe you don't consider oppressing a minority until they can't take it any more 'starting a war', but I do. In that case, Laos and its Hmong population comes to mind immediately. If I were more up on history, I'm sure I could come up with dozens more examples. Even assuming inter-sovereign national war as the only kind, ever hear of the Siamese Empire, the Angkor Empire? Any idea how one acquires the the designation "empire"?

Once again, you're giving us a rose-colored spin on what is essentially just another world religion. Areas in which it was popular have had just as bloody a history as anywhere else. I suspect it is arguable that Buddhism is a bit less war-like and oppressive than the big monotheisms and Hinduism, but it's not a bunch of peace-lovin' Californians sitting on comfy cushions.
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