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Re: signing a contract

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The larger issue at hand is what dojo has the better instruction. The dialogue regarding issues related to a contract should be secondary to the level of instruction.

I understand your emotional opinion regarding what happened to you and as a generalization, I would agree with your opinion. However, given the choices that this person has, I would opt for the better instruction.
Yeah, but the problem with going with the dojo with "better instruction" is, how does a beginner judge that? Obviously OP found things more to his liking at one dojo, but that was based on short acquaintance and no knowledge of aikido. With six weeks of training under his belt, who's to say he'd look at the two dojos today and see the same thing?

Here's another reason to avoid the contract: it's because OP is very unlikely to get his money's worth, i.e., a year's worth of training. I don't know OP or this dojo, but statistically, most beginners wash out before a year is up. It's just not possible to tell that martial arts training is right for you until you've had the training experience, and that means more than one class or even a short series. A lot of people will take an intro course and enjoy it, but when it sinks in that training = giving up several evenings a week, they find that they just can't sustain that commitment. Some people think that a contract will make them follow through, but it doesn't seem to work with gyms -- I don't know why it would work with a dojo either.
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