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Re: Patience

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I am going to play "devil's advocate" here. While I agree that patience is required in ones practice since there is simply no fast way to get really good at this art of ours, it must be balanced with what I will call the "thirst for knowing".
Osu Sensei,

You are always welcomed to play "devil's advocate" with me anytime. In fact, its already been to long.

Total agreement with not hiding behind "patience" and self-limiting beliefs. These are truly our obstacles that in overcoming teach us some of our most important lessons in life.

That is why I advocate the tag line "yet". I just haven't gotten it "yet", but I will. Maybe not this lifetime or the next, but if I keep going, I will eventually get it. But having traveled further down the path, I will see further and continue the journey. It isn't a destination, its the path itself.

The "thirst" for me is more like breathing itself. While I can be very happy and content with where I am, I know there is more and I am more than curious. I am compelled to go after it.

Patience and thirst are not mutually exclusive. Together they are the basis of maintaining a direction through daily discipline.

At almost 60 myself, I am not inpatient because that makes me try too hard (motivated my negative self assessment and criticism) and I get it even less. Like anything fine, I enjoying sipping my thirst slowly and sharing it with friends.

Thank you Sensei for your always welcomed and insightful thoughts.

I know you get my way a few times a year. Perhaps next year we will share space, time, and yet another sip from the cup of knowing together.

Rei, Domo.

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