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Zoli Elo
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Re: randori with superuke

Lorien Lowe wrote:
Do any of the aikido-super-heros out there have advice for doing a randori with the type of ukes who bounce back up before you're even finished throwing the next person? I know I'm supposed to get the ukes lined up and all, but that was a lot easier before Sensei started saying, '*really* go after her like it's a black belt test.'

It's especially difficult if the randori comes at the end of a long, fun training session and my arms and legs feel like noodles (and yes, I *do* know that I'm not supposed to be using arm strength anyway).

Here are some basic tips:
  • Uses of negative space (moving where they are not, by entering or blending).

    Try to maintain visual contact with all the attackers, or at least most of them. Use peripheral vision and total body spiraling to cover your back.

    Lining them up so that they blocked each other from attacking. Continuously move and control the distances to achieve this.

    Projecting attackers into each other as to momentarily disable their attacks. The weakest attacker continuously thrown into the strongest, is the most tactically sound.

    If your attackers have a "game plain" do your best to put them off their game.

    Breathe, always breathe.

More advanced tips: concentration of the whole of your body's power at a given instant to a given point; relaxation so that you may move fluidly and remain centered (quickness and "dead weight"); knowledge of counter techniques to common aikido techniques; controlling your attackers' focus; et cetra.

Hope that helps,
Zoli Elo
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