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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
However I have trained under Shihan like ...
I know.
My main teacher over the last 4 decades has been Chiba Sensei.
I'm aware of that.
... I am a 6th Dan Shihan,...
Yes. I know.

I think I will give your suggestion a miss ...
I didn't expext, you would and didn't mean my advice too serious ...

... well ...

I never practiced with this teacher. But as I said, I think I recognize a lot of what he is doing. I remember Ikeda Hiroshi sensei teaching similar guiding-before-pyhsical-contact-stuff. The third video shows some of the basic exercises, Endō sensei teaches. (And wich I try to teach in my classes.) Guiding and controlling uke by weird and playfull ways of contact I remember as a speciality of Yamashima sensei.

Also when I read, that Kanaya sensei originally was a committed student of Iwama ryū and used to practice with Saito sensei and only after having practiced this for a period of time changed to a more soft understanding of keiko, this remembered me of the biography of my sempai, our shihan - and also me myself: Studying clear basics for a long time. And then changing to a certain, more soft way, that is built on those basics.

So, when you asked "How is this feat done ...?" I felt 'provoked' to answer you - with a wink.
No offence ...

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