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Re: YouTube: Kanaya Hirotaka Shihan

Ryne Sandberg (Hall of Fame second baseman for the Chicago Cubs), once said that he could move on the play when the pitcher threw the ball. He could tell by the location of the pitch and the position of the swing where the hit ball was going.

I am not unfamiliar with the feeling of oppression by good aikido that directs movement. I would tend to agree that I was unable to see some of the queues that would indicate aiki as I understand it, or the power to solicit compliance. Not to say it doesn't exist, but it is not easy to find if it does.

I have a history of complaining about aikido videos and I'll continue my complaint here. This video represents one of two things: 1. a level of aiki so high as to be practically invisible to observe; 2. the absence of aiki and thus invisible. I am giving the benefit of doubt to say Kanaya Shihan has some experience with aiki.

If the level of aiki is so high as not to be observed by video, why record it? This is more a criticism of the format in which the video is intended to be deceiving (a magic trick). Couple that with an uke who is cooperatively providing energy and the demo is more magic show and less practical. For someone who has been on the receiving end of sensei, that is fine; for the remaining 99.98% of us, we have a video with a trick and no education to recreate the trick ourselves..

Aiki does crazy stupid things and makes what we do look unreal. Videos that do not support a logical methodology of observing the cause of stupidity, or reproducing the stupidity are limited in their role as an educational tool.

Back to the question, sometimes it is entertaining to publish something like this - it is not intended to contain educational material, nor is it intended to persuade viewers of it truthfulness. In fact, part of the mystery is not knowing. Why else would we watch Chris Angel eat a scorpion and then pull it out of his pants pocket?

The original post did not publish any information about the purpose of the video, possibly for a reason. I think if we knew the intention of the video, we could possibly be more critical in providing feedback. I'm up for a good mystery anytime, but it's nice to know if I am looking at a mystery...

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