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Re: If a mosquito landed on your arm.

Our native population, the sami, is said to have had their own traditional method to deal with mosquitos. There's plenty of mosquitos in their part of the country...

In the beginning of the summer you go the the marshes, since that is where they hatch. Then you strip off all your clothes, and let them bite you all over.

You will be so much bitten you get ill for a couple of days. But after that, what mosquito bite you get don't get red, swollen and itchy - and so you can just ignore the mosquitos and let them bite.

(A relative of mine, now dead, claimed he used this method but it was probably a lie. He used a mix a now forbidden mosquito repellant and a brownish black liquid that's a byproduct when you make tar. Maybe it's just a myth anyway...)

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