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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

I think if anyone immerses themselves in the right types of relationships and give of themselves freely...all will take care of itself.
You want to really get down and be serious, instead of all this rubbish about demons and having too much power and all the other nonsense people add on to teachers that avoids some of the real issues?

Here are some real rubber-meets-the-road ideas to keep a teachers head out of his own backside
1. How about stop believing your own press.
2. How about refusing to be called a teacher.
3. How about when students go on and on about you, you tell them to shut up.
4. How about making fun of yourself at seminars and treat the lowest guy there as your equal.
5. How about actually teaching people aiki
6. How about actually being good at teaching or having the good sense and compassion to quit.
7. How about teaching students to do something, then teach them how to cancel it out
8. How about teaching every single person in the room what they need to be able to stop your technique?
9. How about opening your heart and making friends with your students.

Trust me, if you do all of those things, all of these so called "demons from having to much power" will run for the hills!

There are men who are extremely capable....dangerous even, who are Moral baggage, and ego is just that and has not one thing to do with capabilities. No one...not one, should accept that B.S. from anyone. Knowing a better way to cut wood, or a better way to dance, (and martial arts are no better, and sometimes less useful than that) is no excuse for some of the ourageous nonsense that sometimes happens. Lending a helping hand to a student... as your equal... is self-correcting behavior that will keep you firmly in your place...their equal!

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