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Lee Salzman
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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Again, I would suggest it is probably not a good idea to just talk about Mike , Ark or myself, so often. It's really far bigger than that. Although I must admit, while there are those with skill...check out their students. If they don't have it....walk away.
Who cares about some guy who can "wow" you. We've all been down that road. If he hasn't made really good students, what makes you think you will be any different?
Easy to start a religion, hard to kill it. Aikido orthodoxy may be one, but Mike-Ark-Dan is its own religion, and listening to some of the hard-line gospel about either can become annoying. But in terms of voting with my feet, you know where my feet have been, so maybe I'm a hypocrite in that respect. There's other valuable stuff to learn out there, it doesn't fall neatly into preconceived categories of internal or external or most efficient or most powerful or ideal strategy, taught by people who can show ability, and who can reproduce that ability in students... in fighting venues. But if Mike-Ark-Dan is taken as the end-game, you miss it.