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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

The trouble arises when those who imagine they understand...turn out to be the debris that needs to be swept away so people can actually see the path to those who actually do have an understanding.

This is not anything new, people have talked about it in the aiki arts for years; having to wade through a never ending sea of ner-do-wells looking for teachers who actually have something. I remember dining with a group teachers who were recounting decades of training;
They thought so-and-so was great till they met so-and-so
Then later they met so-and-so who re-defined their understanding yet again..
As their understanding, skills, and exposure, increased, they looked back forlorn at where they had been doing for so many years.
Each one at that table had no idea....none whatsoever...of what they had just encountered even existed, and more so that it could be taught
For this reason alone, those who experience people with skills in this area dismiss the naysayers, out of hand. They remember all to well their own ignorance in struggling to define it with the "ordinary" things they had done for decades..

What defines it... past all definitions of it? It is instantly recognized as not being ordinary and also being able to do it.
It is so unusual and different that no one can hide from being classed as different from ordinary martial arts. And so unusual and different that after several years you can stop any Shihan in the aiki arts; Daito ryu or Aikido and be a handful for most anyone to deal with.

For that reason I default back to my comments to you or anyone else who makes claims that they get it..........

I say that because if you or anyone else isn't one of those people who will instantly stand out as unusually powerful, yet exceddingly soft, are not at a Shihan level of skill or better (no not ranked, just skill) and can go from weapons to empty hand seamlessly, then you need to ask yourself what value does your opinion all?
I think that is exactly the type of understanding that has been the road block all along; the debris that needs to be swept away, so people can see a clear path?

Should you remain convinced that internal power is natural, and you always had it- where is it?
Of what value is it to anyone?
Seems pretty sketchy (or revealing) to be arguing for and advocating, something so powerful... that after all these years has led you and everyone else, to be so.....ordinary.
No thanks!

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