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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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If we didn't love it and get a lot of joy out of it, why the heck do it?
Big mistake lots of people make - and not just in budo - is equating seriousness with pomposity
Hi Kiddo
How true. One of my favorite sayings.
"In lue of frequently find formality."
Some of the toughest, hardest, people I know...are a laugh a minute! Certain arts tend to attract those overly serious "think they're being Japanese" types more so than others.
(I'm recalling a priceless decades-old onstage exchange between Pete Seeger and a then young Arlo Guthrie in which the ever-twinkling-eyed Seeger delivers with an otherwise straight face "folk music is serious business"
That is priceless, and I think, a lesson that stuck!
"Good mornin America how are ya..."


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