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Re: Sagawa's Aiki

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
In many ways some of the "debates" you see on-line are truly hilarious and prove as empty as an old coat.
Having been on the wrong side of many of those debates, I can only say that they led me to find out the truth about what was being discussed. It's certainly the most worthwhile thing I've encountered in martial arts in many many years.

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Not everyone is like you. You stepped-up, (several times) spent hard earned money, traveled and put your body where your mouth and brain was. I knew it when we first starting talking on ebudo that you would be one of the people who would. It's in your nature.
Well, it took a lot of hashing things out to figure out that we really weren't talking about the same things and then it took a long time to settle things out to let me get out and feel some of that kind of power. It's been very rewarding and I really appreciate all your help along the way.

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It might prove to be difficult to find someone with internal skills/aiki who has honed them in fighting in pressured environments that can relate to the aiki arts. It just isn't that common. It's no wonder it is recently being downplayed here to be of questionable worth. We need to be smart about these things. Many feel that they have already been misled to one degree or another; why take another false step that can costs many more years. It's wise to be careful about assessments of skills that are new to us in light of our pursuits and interests. "In the land of the blind..." and all that
I'm still pretty much in the "WOW" stage about the whole thing. On the rare occasions I can meet with anyone with a good bit of development, it's still new enough to me to make me cheer and I really haven't found myself too good at guessing what makes it work. But I have been deepening my understanding of the fascial lines you showed us by feeling them in place and starting to understand how they balance front-to-back and side-to-side. It's gonna take me a lot of years.

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I have some more observations on the book itself and the lessons and cautions it should be imparting to us.…later ...
Looking forward to it.



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