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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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The reason I didn't say anything is that we are discussing the evolution of aikido and not "how to fight".
But, imo, that is directly a perfect example of what I'm talking about of Aikido evolving.
Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Again, I agree, there is alot of bad aikido with people doing things like grabbing for knives etc. That doesn't mean that the whole of aikido needs to evolve, just those that are doing the stuff the wrong way!
Btw, so you're saying there's AIkido techniques that teach to totally get away from the knife (like we found to be the safest thing to do in FoF, i.e. in a real knife encounter)? I'll admit I'm new to Aikido, but I don't know of any( and don't think I'm not concerned about that"bad Aikido" and "etc" you mentioned). If any technique of Aikido is "'flawed" and has room for improvement, then is has room to evolve. Nishio Sensei even says Aikido has evolved over the last 50 yrs, so I know it's possible for Aikido to evolve.
Also, I've never said Aikido needed a complete makeover. In fact ,most of the changes will be subtle, others significant, but any change, however slight, if it's an improvement, it's an evolvement

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