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Enrique Antonio Reyes
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Lightbulb Re: Your Aikido Evolved

After my Aikido training I went into various arts like Arnis/Kali, Taekwondo, Karate and BJJ.

I still believe that my foundation is Aikido but I try to be more realistic during training I use atemi as a legitimate strike rather than a distraction as I was previously taught and I train myself with a weapon that I would most likely have in a given situation like shorter sticks and knives. I also consider ground situations why I mix the "ground fighting" strengths of bjj and mix it with our very own wrist locks like a sankyo, or a nikkyo.

All in all I believe that the manifestation (physical display) of my Aikido has already evolved. However I believe that Aikido is truly a way of life so in essence applying Aikido thinking into non-martial situations is the higher call of O sensei and should be the ones that never change.


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