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Re: Your Aikido Evolved

In an article my sensei recently wrote, he said that the ideas you face in learning aikido inevitably have an affect on your personality. The longer I practice, the more I see the concepts in aikido presenting themselves in a variety of situations in my life.

Recently I've become more aware of the ego involved in my practice. Ego that I receive the best instruction from sensei because of the dojo (he teaches at 5 or more dojos) I'm at, ego that I should be better because I'm 2 dan, and things like this that really have absolutely nothing to do with my true ability. At a recent seminar, I worked with several people that were a lot stronger that I am, and I couldn't do the technique. You can become a lot more aware of something like this when you practice with people outside your dojo. Should they have resisted less? I don't know. At this point I really want to know if my aikido will work on anyone, and of course it does not.
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