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Your Aikido Evolved

Got this thought from another thread.

How many of you have experienced an evolution, of sorts, in your training?

Let me try and clarify a bit.

I originally started training in aikido because of how well it's philosophy fit into my law enforcement career. I saw it as a means of self-defense that would allow myself to escape harm while hopefully doing the same to the "attacker", and therefore keeping my butt out of trouble.

Already, though, my reasons for training have shifted...a LOT. It's become more of a personal challenge now. After years in the MMA scene I feel like I have a chance to start over with something completely new. Something completely different from anything i've ever done. I'm finding it hard as hell too.

I'm 100% positive that each of you have had huge leaps in this aspect. I know that it could very well change with each day or even each second. I'd like to hear about them though.

Perhaps one of you had a revelation while training one day that completely altered the course of your training forever. Maybe you kept a lot of your goals intact, but maybe your overall goal changed considerably.

Look forward to some responses.
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