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Re: True victory?

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Harmony? Who needs harmony lol
I personally don't want harmony, so I don't even need to think whether it is possibile or not: it may well be possibile, and I wish all who covet it that they may find it. But personally, I don't care about harmony. I don't want the spring, flowers, baseball teams, kodak moments and picnics. I want winter, i want thorns.

So it is not that I think of harmony like a dream that never happens: it is just that harmony is a dream that i never dream, because i don't care about it. I don't desire it. Simply.

Apparently, it seems to some like an utterly unknown viewpoint on life. Not everyone dreams of spending a few aeons in the land of utter bliss. Some find it boring.
Ah, now I understand. There's a miscommunication here that needs to be cleared up. Harmony isn't bliss or all that imagery; that's just people putting a reference to something they find hard to articulate. Harmony is, rather, the base core of self being reached.

Let me explain. There's sometimes a feeling of something just inexplicably clicking, of feeling right beyond any shadow of doubt. Sometimes we pass into awareness of this when playing a musical instrument for example; it's a more essential and truer zone that we might sometimes slip into for a moment. This is harmony with self. Harmony with others arises when two or more people in these zones intercept. Thus, there can be nothing but honesty and acceptance between them, since harmony with self is undisputably honest to who the individual/situation is (hence nothing is possibly available in that zone to act as a barrier between them).

Okay, definition's done. Now, application. Your desires, preferences, 'personality stamp' on your thoughts and actions are expressions of the bare-bones part of who you are. The lack of harmony within self, by very definition, would involve barriers in this inner core self coming out. Hence, harmony with external factors (people, situations, etc.) is impossible while the self is still unresolved.

That's application. Now, the crux of the situation; the elaboration. Your desire that emerges ("I don't care", "I don't want") is a reflection of the state of harmony imbalance emerging. So, in fact, by refuting aspects of this discussion, you are actually supporting an argument for the necessity of harmony.

I agree though; Hollywood imagery is quite crass and hardly reflective of reality.

The world changes when you do.
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