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The prepared mind is not one of fear of what might happen and thus a fixation on it. Think about this.

Now on point one do you have a prepared mind? He who sees it as of no consequence is blind to the beauty of life. On point two do you have a prepared mind? Or do you see harmony as a dream that never happens?
Harmony? Who needs harmony lol
I personally don't want harmony, so I don't even need to think whether it is possibile or not: it may well be possibile, and I wish all who covet it that they may find it. But personally, I don't care about harmony. I don't want the spring, flowers, baseball teams, kodak moments and picnics. I want winter, i want thorns.

So it is not that I think of harmony like a dream that never happens: it is just that harmony is a dream that i never dream, because i don't care about it. I don't desire it. Simply.

Apparently, it seems to some like an utterly unknown viewpoint on life. Not everyone dreams of spending a few aeons in the land of utter bliss. Some find it boring.

The Buddha predicates non attachment, o martial monks. And to achieve that, he speaks of dominating desire and coveting.

But I am not there - I am with the Tantra way to initiation, with the ghora (the horrific), with the second path to enlightenment: for that path, you don't get illuminated by cultivating harmony or by removing desire, but by mastering the horrific. It's the path of the charnel grounds, if you ever heard of that.
It is neither better nor worse than the other way: yet, it is just another well established way to attain that goal.
It is funny that so many guys seem not to know about it, or to have ever heard about it. It is as ancient as buddhism itself (tantrism, unless some may know only the vulgata of it and believe that Tantrism is that stuff about sex.. it is not): some guys have a preference for attaining mastery by confronting the brutal and the unpleasant. In this mindset, you are ready only when you master dread and fear - when all the daemons may come to you threatening you, and yet you're utterly ummoved.

You grow into the tempest - if the tempest, of course, doesn't kill or maims you first (which it has a regrettable tendency to do...).

Not that I am there at the enlightenment level, of course. Not even close. But that's the path more akin to my mentality. Simply.

One ought to need to be aware of the full gamut, before arguing that a time honoured path to illumination like the Tantrist one, the violent one, represents a "fixation" that need to be lectured with remarkable "think of that" lines and fixed with a dose of endless love in the land of true romance where a young man goes hand in hand with a blonde and pure and chaste maiden walking in bliss forever in the heavenly fields caressing the blonde hair of cute children that play with dolls on evergreen meadows LOL

Some of us just don't care about that stuff, you know.

It seems really utterly unknown to many. I think this is why some invariably take it like a stance that ought to be "corrected" when, instead, it is just a contribution from the other side of the shore.

Mine is just a contribution from a different perspective - I find it surprising that, in what I assume being a learned audience about Far East doctrines, instead than being taken as such and recognized as such, it is received as something that needs to be aemended.

There is nothing to aemend in it, on the contrary being much rarer than the "harmony" path, it could even be welcomed with some interest - and with some awareness, hopefully, that it is not exactly my personal invention... :-)

Some live with the vajrabhairava - with Shiva, not with Brahma. With the wratfhul deities, not with the loving ones. Both are conducive to the same goal.
Only, i find it a lil too convenient to say that one chose the harmony path, when it is so convenient to choose it.

It may be bombastic and chauvinist to allege one chose the wrathful deities (as a matter of fact, I'm not speaking here of any religion, but of a natural predilection or inclination that a mind bent to good may none the less feel as his/her own). But alleging that one chose the peaceful ones is no better in the suspects it may raise: that one did not actually choose anything, and that in order to conceal that nothing was chosen, one either says that nothingness was chosen or that "peace" was.

Tantrism guys. Tantrism. No invention of mine. Just a reminder of mine.

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