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Re: True victory?

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
yeah both 3 things may happen. What happens in version #2 (Mary) is what happens every day and is of no consequence. What happens in version #3 (Graham) is what never happens (I would suggest to avoid falling in love at ATM machines: the girl may like your bank account more than you lol). What happens in version #1 (Alberto) is what may happen only once in your life, or at most twice: if it happens, it will ruin your life.

Now tell me, oh martial monks, what are you going to get ready for: Do you get ready and do you rehearsal for the unconsequential occurrences of your lives, or for the consequential ones?
Very good, your answer is very astute.

Unfortunately Grasshopper fixating on one, your favorite one, only leads to that one dimensional deluded place that many call martial. If the type of event you describe may only happen once or twice then it equates with others of the same ilk like the possibility of being run over by a car or any other potentially life changing experiences. I think you'll find the prepared mind is what is necessary in all cases.

The prepared mind is not one of fear of what might happen and thus a fixation on it. Think about this.

Now on point one do you have a prepared mind? He who sees it as of no consequence is blind to the beauty of life. On point two do you have a prepared mind? Or do you see harmony as a dream that never happens?

In my opinion a 'martial monk' is prepared and appreciative of all three in equal measure and dismissive of none.

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